Meet Dr. Cangas

Meet Dr. Cangas

Meet Dr. Cangas

Meet Dr. Cangas

Meet Dr. Cangas

Thanks for checking out our page and for coming to find out more about me! I want to start by saying my approach to medicine is ever-evolving. This new practice comes as a result of a constant willingness and eagerness to learn and grow as a person and as a physician. While I will always believe there is a place for medicine, and I feel that vaccines are both safe (and by safe, I do not mean without side effects) and effective, I am always looking for natural ways to BE healthy, hence the new focus on wellness, rather than illness care.

I am not an expert on naturopathy or alternative methods, I simply allow parents to use what methods work best for them while always educating them on proper nutrition and daily activity (yes, exercise!). I know how great of impact nutrition, exercise, and sleep have on our physical and mental health, so I will continue to search for the best options for all of our families!

Speaking of families, that's me and mine above. My wife Zoe (rhymes with Joe) wears many hats: Mom, Wife, Marketer, Realtor (got a house to sell or buy?), CrossFit Coach, Volunteer, Founder of Kid Fit Foundation, and much more! Our 3 children are Alexis, Ellyn, and Oscar. All I can say is, WOW, how I love them all!!

Then, there is me. Here is a list of what I do: (Proud) Dad, Husband, Doctor, Founder of Ideal Pediatrics and Whole Child Pediatrics, Founder of Helmets First, Medical Director of Life Network of Southern Illinois. I also founded/created Lydexar and Zoe CBD.

I hope you love what we are doing. I'm here to learn and provide the best care possible, so please share your thoughts, likes, and dislikes with me!

'Meet and Greet' the doc via Zoom now available.

The first Tuesday of the month, at 8:00 am, you can now meet with the doctor (other parents may also be on this call).

You must

1. Fill out this office policy form

2. Place your credit card on file (This will only be charged in the case of a 'no show'.)

3. You will then be emailed a link for the Zoom call.

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