Frequently asked questions

Do you take insurance?

Yes, most major insurances are accepted. SInce we are a new practice, we are getting credentialed with new plans every day. Please check with our front desk staff or your insurance plan to see if we are in network

Why is my credit card kept on file

Your card is kept on file to pay balances due once insurance has paid their portion or to cover fees for missed appointments Credit Card On File Letter Credit Card On File FAQ Credit Card On File Consent

If my child gets admitted to the hospital will you care for him/her there?

Yes and no. Children admitted to St Louis Children's or Cardinal Glennon are under the direct care of their hospitalists. We will work closely with the doctors there to optimize your child’s care, we will see your child in the hospital if/when appropriate and we will provide seamless follow-up upon discharge.

What are 'video visits'?

Video visits are telemedicine visits with our providers (availabe on specifiic membership levels). This is a secure video method similar to 'facetime' or 'skype' for providing care. These visits are only appropriate in certain circumstances that do not require an examination.

Must my child be 'up to date' on vaccinations to be a patient?

While we at Whole Child Pediatrics believe that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risk, there is no vaccine requirement. Vaccine information will be shared, and you as a parent will be allowed to choose if, when, and how many vaccines your child will receive. This will all be done in a non-judgmental manner.

Will we be required to sign a form if we do not vaccinate or delay vaccinations?

We do have a form that will be disucssed. You will be asked to sign it, but you can decline to sign it, as well. This form is to remind us to share important information with you.

Do you recommend an alternative vaccine schedule?

Since all of the providers of Whole Child Pediatrics feel that vaccine's benefits outweigh the risks, we only make recommendations to follow the CDC schedule. If you chose a different schedule, it will be up to you to create that schedule and present us with a plan that we can keep in your chart as a reminder fo what vaccines will be done at each visit. We generally do not do 'shot only' visits, so if you wish to spread out your child's immunizations, those not done at well checks should be done at the health department.

Do you prescribe medications?

Yes, we prescribe a wide range of medications, but focus on natural health when we possbily can. We do feel strongly that if a medication or treatment of an illness is recommended and prescribed, that recommendations be followed. If you chose to use an alternative treatment or plan we may ask that you sign a form stating that we have recommended a treatment that you have declined.

How do we establish care/become patients?

Please call to schedule and 'establish care' appointment. This allows us to get to know you in case you need us for an illness or other care. This is especially important if you have a history of any specific illness or recurrent illness.

What do i do if I have a medical question during business hours?

You must be an established patient (must have been seen) in order for us to give any medical advice. Our providers use the Medici app to communicate with patients during business hours (fees apply and are paid at the time of the consult), but this should reserved for simple questions. We recommend making an appointment if you have more detailed concerns.

Do you sign 'Medical Exemption' forms.

We only sign forms for medical contraindications to a vaccine or component (Allergy to a component or previous adverse reaction).

What do I do if i have a medical question after office hours?

Our practice uses St Louis Children's Hospital's 'After Hours' Nurses line. Current practice members can request this number for contact on the weekends and from the hours of 4:30pm-8:00am weekdays.

HOURS:  By appointment only. Evening appointments available.

Telephone hours:

Mon-Thurs 8:00-4:30

Friday 8:00-12:00

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